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The Opstash 

Optimizing your Options. ™

The OpStash unisex personal organizer is user controlled for organization, carry methods, wearing, anti-theft, and self defense. ™

For those who know how to think for themselves.
Not for the monkey see-monkey do types.
Wallets, purses,
 fanny packs…
 suck.  Here’s why:
  The manufacturers of these things think they know what’s best for you. They put the compartments where they want to, not where you  want them. 
But you  are unique! You should be able to organize your personal items in accordance to how you want them. And you should be able to carry and/or even wear your items according to what works best for you. Well guess what? Now you can!
And there’s even more benefits than what meets the eye! Chad “Vice” Mitchell, inventor of the OpStash ™ brings over 30 years experience in the martial arts and 2 black belts; plus over 20 years experience in various facets of security including bouncing, crowd control, and covert surveillance to give you the ultimate in self-defense and security all built into one product!
Weird, isn’t it?  Yes, you might be thinking: “What does a personal organizer have to do with self-defense and security?”
Well, Chad says: “Everything!”
How did these 2 worlds collide? How you organize your personal items carried upon you is actually part of your stance in a self-defense situation. You may know that you can use nearly anything as an improvised weapon. But when you can align and arrange such items in a meticulous order, it multiplies strategic outcomes.
And security? When referring to security in accordance to a personal organizer, Chad cites pickpockets and purse snatchers. The OpStash combats pickpockets in several ways, including the fact that you know the location/s of where your items are located, while pickpocket thieves have to guess. And since the OpStash can be worn or secured while carrying, it puts a layer of security against snatch and run thieves.
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