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Self-Defense Benefits of The OpStash

The OpStash ™ gives you the most options for self-defense techniques and strategies available.  Far more than any other object, tool, device, or weapon.  Guaranteed.

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Though fighting with improvised weapons is nothing new, and even some of the most conventional and traditional martial arts have applications for improvised weapons…

     …IT ENDS THERE.  They are called "improvised" for a reason:  Because they are not the most ideal weapon under the confines of the given art.  The definition of  "improvise"  means to make due with what you happen to have available instead of what you would prefer to have.  But one concept of the OpStash ™ embraces the idea of using other objects not designed to be weapons.
     Furthermore, the OpStash ™ configures a pattern on a communal axis that is organized in an order that makes perfect sense to you, but scrambled and disarrayed to your assailant.  Wherein, the attacker can not definitively see what you've got, how many, or where your items are located.  They can't see where something may be a breakaway, a fake object, if it's sharp, pointed, or blunt.

Thus, it performs an ultimate self-defense strategy for you...

It messes with their mind!

How it works:
Your everyday or unknown item/s that you carry around are aligned and arranged meticulously on a communal axis at unspecified location/s that are defined by you.  This is like guessing a telephone number or password to your adversary.  Thus, for the first time in history, intricate cryptic artifice enters the arena of personal self-defense stratagems.

The Importance of Organization for Self-Defense:

   One thing you haven't heard discussed when it comes to self-defense is organization, until the OpStash™.   But think about how important organization is for self-defense for a moment, just from a common linear perspective:  For example, if you're fumbling around for your pepper spray either because you forgot which pocket it is in, or because it's hard to get to from snagging inside such pocket, you lose critical time in a self-defense situation.  But that's not all, think about the adversary seeing you reach inside one of your pockets... Well, it may be fairly obvious then, that you are reaching for some kind of weapon, and exactly where you are reaching for said weapon telegraphs several clues as well.  Such as, if you are likely right handed or left handed.  Yes, you can easily telegraph much information to your opponent without even knowing it.

The Problem with Unorganized Weapons:

  •      The enemy sees what you've got for a weapon or use as a weapon.  He may not know what technique you'll apply with it, but there's an excellent chance he's seen any possible technique you may do, done before.  For any weapon designed only to be a weapon, black belts (or equivalents) know the most common techniques and angles of attack applied with such.  In fact, they've probably seen every possible technique that you could possibly apply with it.
  •      The enemy easily sees you reaching for such weapon.  Since you have limited techniques and strategies for accessing your weapon, apart from slowing you down, you telegraph several clues to your adversary while you try to obtain your weapon or anything you may use as a weapon.  Whereas, with The OpStash ™ you have unlimited techniques and strategies for accessing your weapon or plurality of weapons.

Get the complete element of surprise, bewilderment, and miscalculation against the enemy. 
Get the OpStash ! 

The problem with the techniques learned at most martial arts schools is that the basic structure of the technique is not unique.  Let's say for example that you've seen a technique work, perhaps even many times before.  Well, if you've seen it work, imagine how many other people have seen it work.  Granted, certain techniques get used successfully more often because they tend to work.  The down side to this is that the more it works successfully, the more people see it - and work on defenses and anticipations for such.  Take football for example, screen passes and handoff plays get used more often than the bomb throws because they work more often and are "safer" plays.  But the opponent team also knows these plays, uses them, and works on defenses for such.  So then it comes down to whoever performs the best.  Nothing at all to do with "who knows more techniques."  But that's football.  It is a game that has rules.  Self-defense doesn't.  So now let's say that we change the game wherein your team gets to do some things that the other team can't do.    Let's say that your team gets to go out of bounds and not get penalized; gets to have some guys on the other side of the scrimmage line before the play starts, and things like that.  Well there you go.  Now those plays that didn't work before, might easily work now, and the opponent team didn't have time to prepare or plan for them...   ...It's a similar advantage that the OpStash ™ gives you in a self-defense situation.

A note from the inventor:

     The OpStash puts a disrupting factor into the common strategies of the popular martial arts, including the extremely popular "mma" styles and jujitsu.   It's not that these styles are no good, or not good to know.  Just the opposite... They are good to know.  But they are well known, and that's one of the problems.  You train at your local mma school down the street?  Good!  So do millions of other people across the nation;  including some, perhaps many of which are the type likely to attack you.  So where's your advantage?  Is it just that you're going to be better at using the same techniques they know?  That's great!  Really it is!  But let me ask you this:  Are you ever going to catch the flu; have a headache, or get sick in any other way?  Are you ever going to be tired after a long day at work, or after a hard workout?  Are you always going to be 100% at "your game" everyday?  Let me tell you this:  When people attack you, they're going to be there fresh and 100%.   Unfortunately, many of the people who are likely to attack you are those who have trained in some form of "hand-to-hand" combat.  You MUST give yourself an advantage whenever possible.  The OpStash enables you more techniques in your arsenal, and strategies that you wouldn't otherwise have available.

A key factor of The OpStash is that it facilitates resourcefulness in self-defense strategy.  Your mma skills are only that... skills.    Again, skills are good to know but limited.  Or from the words of a wise man:

"Knowledge is limited, while imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein;

     The OpStash expedites, fosters, and enhances stratagems because how you arrange it and the items within or lack thereof are unlimited.

     Another problem with the popular martial arts is in failing to address the advantage of - for lack of a better term, "weaponry."    Primarily because they think that you can not carry such "weaponry" around with you everyday, or that it's somehow not immediately available.  Let me tell you this:  It's always available.  Even without The OpStash, it's available.  Anything and everything can be used as a weapon.  The OpStash is simply a tool to facilitate techniques and strategy and to confuse, perplex, and surprise your adversary.  Though the OpStash - by itself can be used (like anything else) as a weapon (and it would be magnificent at that), it's the additional consideration of what maybe inside at unknown location/s that can really screw with your attacker's mind... It's like a Trojan Horse.
    And because the OpStash in and of itself is not a weapon, it is completely legal.  I designed the OpStash to organize my personal items the way I wanted in a specific custom arrangement, not the way somebody else thought such items should be arranged.  Plus, I wanted a defense against pickpocket thieves.  However, because of my extensive experience in the martial arts and security, I realized the potential that the OpStash could have on the effects of people's self-defense and security needs.  All I want is for you to enjoy it!
--Chad "Vice" Mitchell
   Inventor of the OpStash

Philosophies that reinforce the OpStash™  Concepts:

"People try to hold onto sameness.  This holding onto prevents growth."
--Bruce Lee

"Change your tactics, especially when they have been working for some time."
--The Emperor Maurice

"If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck."
--Colonel Jeff Cooper
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