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Methods of Organizing with The OpStash

     You may very well be surprised at all of the ways strategic item organization simplifies your day-to-day life and clears your mind.

How it works:


 Demonstrated OpStash

Any size/shape/style that fits...
(mix and/or match)
Pouch engaging and disengaging to the OpStash.


This is done by different means of attachment that you choose...

  • Hook & Loop Fastener

  • Tied through conduit

  • Clip-Crunched

  • Or a combination of any
              of the above




OpStash Blueprint

item placement method: clip-crunched
Still yet another way to append items is clip-crunched externally as shown in the above photo.



For example, the above items have been
 chosen to be tied through the conduit as means
of attachment;  at each of their chosen locations.


The snap-button closure system also helps hold items
 in place while providing easy access to such items.


User chosen organization

One possible example of user chosen compartment
and item organization is shown in the above photo.




So this is how user chosen compartments
 and items are organized.

But in actuality, you would first choose
 how you want to wear and/or
carry your OpStash ™...


See some of the ways!






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How to organize using
The OpStash ™
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